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Design Specifications and Contract Documentation

Specifications can be produced to set the performance and other operating parameters for New Installations. Fully detailed specifications may also be prepared for the alteration, modernisation and reconstruction of existing installations. Material provisions and methods can be defined for the replacement of significant elements forming the installation generally. We provide Maintenance specifications to cover specific items of plant or to a level covering the comprehensive maintenance for multiples of plant at diverse* sites (*national if required).

Surveys and Condition Reports

Surveying may be general or a detailed examination of plant depending on our Clients requirements relative to the item of plant. A 'general' survey may be to ascertain future expenditure on the plant or to assess the incorporation of the plant in conjunction with a building refit. A more detailed examination may be conducted to obtain a finite view of the condition and operational aspects of the plant. Specific surveys may be conducted with a view to alteration of modernisation of existing plant and explore the options that may be appropriate.

Health and Safety Reports

A survey of the plant focusing mainly on compliance with current standards and regulations appertaining to Health and Safety and Approved Codes of Practice (ACOP’s). Providing recommendations and budget costs for works as may be required.

Service Quality Appraisals

Examinations of plant to establish the quality of maintenance procedures and routine adjustment provided for the plant by Contractors.

Asset Register and Budget Forecast Reports

A summary report detailing type and condition of plant, levels of compliance, period until major modernisation or full replacement will be necessary and a long term budget forecast.

Project Management

This would usually be associated with our preparation of the detailed specification of works. Our service would encompass all aspects of the particular Project through original survey to specifying, drawing approval, monitoring site works, progress meetings, control of finance and the issuing of formal project documentation. We are able to offer assistance to the Clients own administration/management of a project (Perhaps where a principal contractor such as a builder is involved.) In this respect we offer to limit our service to specifying and quality checks during installation with final witness testing.

Feasibility Studies

Particular surveys may be undertaken to establish the viability and the location of New Lifts and other Plant within existing buildings.

Maintenance Contract Management

We provide a full maintenance management service which includes regular contractor meetings, review and monitoring of Statutory Reports, periodic plant inspections (spot checks for compliance with specification), monitoring levels of breakdowns to identify reliability problems, technical assistance to contractors in repeat fault detection, vetting of invoices and approval / comment on quotations provided for works required which are additional to the contract. Statutory reports – We have procedures to represent clients in dealing with insurance/competent body reports (in accordance with the requirements of LOLER) and matters arising from examinations conducted under the remit of the Health & Safety Executive.

Traffic Calculation and Design

Utilising either traditional methods or the latest simulation software we are able to provide design calculations for elevator systems and passenger conveying schemes within new buildings. We undertake design reviews to confirm or otherwise the suitability of designs submitted by other professionals in relation to new build projects. Assessments of existing multi lift systems to confirm that the Traffic handling capabilities are in accordance with those originally specified.

The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015

The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 impose significant duties upon the client to make suitable arrangements for the management of a project. We can assist with this by undertaking the role of Principal Designer to plan, manage, monitor and coordinate Health and Safety in the pre-construction phase of a project.


We offer training to clients own personnel who may be involved in the management of premises where Elevator systems are installed. This takes the form of a seminar, during which the legal requirements, best practice and 'industry terminology' are explained.

Witness Testing

There is both British Standard and European Regulation to ensure that plant is comprehensively tested. Where we are engaged to provide a fully detailed specification and /or we undertake the management of a project we strictly enforce our witnessing of the regulatory tests undertaken by the Contractor. The results of the exercise are compared with the parameters and readings established by the Contractor, subsequent to which our findings are formally certified for issue to Clients (may be necessary for insurance purposes) on the prescriptive forms. In sequence with witness testing a formal schedule of defects (if any) will be issued for action as appropriate by the Contractor.

Technical Support and Advice

The combined experience of our engineers is currently in excess of some 200 years, many having been spent operating at the highest levels of technical competency within our industry. This technical experience enables us to provide effective technical support and advice to our clients and their contractors.